1. Lately, I have been watching a 5 year old girl after school along with my own children. She gets off the bus with my youngest son every day after school and I watch her until just after supper. It has been quite comical to observe her each day. The contrast between her and my boys really is like night and day. I am very glad that they get along so well. Today, I had a multipack filled with 4 varieties of Beanitos arrive. With the children soon to arrive on the bus, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to collect tiny, yet valuable opinions.

    I sat down with the children and explained that some chips are made with potatoes, corn, spinach and these ones are made of beans! I’ve never had bean chips before… have you? Both of them shook their heads. Would you like to try them with me. Considering it was snack time, it suddenly made their afternoon quite fun.  There were 2 different varieties of chips made from different beans in a regular version and a flavored version. So the choices were: Regular Black Bean Chips, BBQ Chipotle Black Bean Chips, Regular Pinto Bean and Flax Chips and last but not least Cheese

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Crystal Porter

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